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We love working with people who want to find that inner runner within! Runners often think that injury and pain are just part of being a runner. But, by training your body to create muscle balance - some muscles need to be strengthened and some need to be lengthened - you can continue to run throughout life without pain, and with improved performance. Are you looking to run your first race? Improve your gait, technique and performance? Run with less pain? Need to tweak your nutrition plan to support increased running time? Meet with a professional trainer to get you on your way.

Strength and toning

Building muscular endurance, size, strength and power not only keeps your body functioning optimally, it also boosts metabolism, preserves bone density and gets you that sleek, muscular and toned body you want. Whether you want to bodybuild competitively or just look great, personal training - and a nutrition plan designed for this purpose will get you there faster.

Body mechanics and chronic pain

Do you sit at a desk or stand on hard floors all day? Have you started to notice your shoulders are always tense or that your lower back always seems to ache? Are you an athlete or former athlete and feel like you can'twork out any more because of pain or injury?

Most of these issues, which impair daily function, can be minimized or even repaired with the right combination of strengthening, stretching and myofascial release. Meeting with a professional to get an assessment of your body mechanics will guide you toward overall improved function, reduced pain and greater performance.

Sports nutrition

Exercise is only half of the equation when it comes to optimum performance. You can'texpect to be at your best if you aren'tfueling your body the right way. Sports nutrition differs from a traditional nutrition plan in that it is designed to reflect the demands you are placing on your body – whether you are new to exercise and are trying to lose weight or you are an athlete who is hitting a wall or failing to see performance results. SFH offers consultations and ongoing coaching that adjusts as your body does.

Weight loss

Losing weight is achieved through a combination of exercise and good nutrition. PERIOD. SFH will work with you on both of these key ingredients – as well as motivation and accountability - to help you create a realistic and permanent solution to keep the weight off. Weight loss clients also see exceptional results when combining personal training with health coaching. See our OTHER SERVICES section regarding coaching.

Strategic Fitness and Health

Location Options

Train in a private training studio in easily-accessible Interbay, a 5-10 minute drive from Queen Anne, Belltown, Ballard or Lake Union.

Address: 1631 15th Ave W. Suite 121.

Not sure?

Take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation to learn more of what personal training the Strategic way is all about. During this session, we can identify your individual needs and goals and answer questions about what to expect from a training program. We will also do an initial postural and biomechanical assessment that will give insight into what type of program is right for you.