Strategic Fitness and Health

Health and wellness services

Health and Wellness Coaching

Not sure what wellness coaching is? You're not alone. Wellness has become a catchall that is often poorly defined. SFH health coaching has a simple goal: to help you achieve your best self … your way. We don'ttell you what to do. We help you to come up with your own solutions, based on your specific lifestyle, strengths, obstacles and motivators. It's a step-by-step process that helps you to forge new, healthier habits so that you can maintain the “new you” for a lifetime. Behavior change takes time. Meeting with a wellness coach consistently for a period of time holds you accountable and establishes your new habits.

Sports nutrition

Exercise is only half of the equation when it comes to optimum performance. You can'texpect to be at your best if you aren't fueling your body the right way. Sports nutrition differs from a traditional nutrition plan in that it is designed to reflect the demands you are placing on your body – whether you are new to exercise and are trying to lose weight or you are an athlete who is hitting a wall or failing to see performance results. SFH offers consultations and ongoing coaching that adjusts as your body does.

Lectures and interactive clinics

Contact SFH to arrange an educational forum for your employees, co-workers, friends or family. SFH can bring professional guidance, tips and information to you so that you can maximize your potential for success with your group's health and fitness goals. Whether you have an on-site fitness center or not, we can custom design talks, forums or on-going series on topics ranging from sports nutrition and core strength to making healthier lifestyle choices.

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